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#CHRISTOPHERLEESATURDAYS: Lee referred to as, "one of the best pictures I've ever been in, most delightful". 'A Feast At midnight' is surely is one of the secret gems and certainly worth watching....Headmasters, private boys school, and FOOD! Let this little morsel whet your appetite ...tell if you think so too...worth a watch?- Marcus

A NEW STUDENT at a British public school forms a secret society centered around cooking and midnight feasting with other school misfits and outcasts. . . The school's principal, is nick-named, 'RAPTOR' . .. now I wonder who could be playing that role???

AND SO UNCLE BRIAN has gone. I would doubt that few outside of the UK , who visit this site, would know the name. Brian. Brian Cant. Millions of thirty, forty and fifty year olds who grew up in the UK from the mid 1960's and up until the early 80's, will know that voice, even if the name doesn't ring bells. Cant very late in his career, played a small role in a firm favorite of the late Christopher Lee...but I doubt if many would recognise the title shamefully limited was it's release in 1995.  'A Feast At Midnight' is a gem of film. Set in a private boys school, it's the stuff of dorms, headmasters, tuck shops, rugger, cricket and FEASTS at midnight...! Cant's role was a blink and you'll miss him opportunity, but I didn't miss him, or that voice. So, there we are, that is the justifying out of the way. We pay tribute to Brian Cant who played a small role in a low budget film, that got little chance to shine. The real reason why he is here, I'll come clean . . .   

CANT WAS THE VOICE and face, of one the most popular and earliest pre school morning television programmes on the BBC, 'Play School'. I missed his arrival, being too old for the show, and was otherwise busy elsewhere, when for the first time, 'Here's a house and a door, windows, one, two, three four..' were spoken over the air. I didn't come to the programme, until the show was well into its stride and my younger sister was born, I was eight years old. I missed pretty much most of my primary schooling and thought a family unit was something along the lines of a piece of kitchen furniture or the place where children who were slower were sent at school. 'Apply yourself, or YOU will end up in the unit!' No, for endless mornings, because I was not at school, my sister and I watched the half an hour of 'Play School', with Cant, Humpty, Hamble, Jemima, Big Ted and Little Ted. The songs, dance, stories and chatty lessons. 

THE KIND SMILING MAN with the gentle voice made a huge impression me, and the relationship I had with my sister. Daily, Cant showed me, how to communicate with a young child, with patience, care and gentleness. We called him, Uncle Brian. He was the nearest thing we had to compassion and understanding. In a perfect world, he would have been our favorite school teacher, Uncle, friend's Dad... or wishful thinking OUR Dad. Daily, through that flickering screen and fuzzy black and white screen, Brian Cant led the way. And for that, I say thank you. Thank you Uncle Brian. Today, you are remembered, tomorrow cherished. . . 

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#CHRISTOPHERLEESATURDAYS! Here's one straight off the contact sheet, requested by Rich Santos! Christopher Lee in 'Dracula Has Risen From The Grave' (1968) From a colour contact sheet with many similar poses...this is one from the session, that you don't see that often. 

#CHRISTOPHERLEESATURDAYS : HERE ARE three images from a photo session that Veronica Carlson did, with a photographer, whose name escapes me at the mo! It has long be thought that these unusual photographs were taken specifically for publicity on 'Dracula Has Risen From The Grave'. However, Veronica Carlson has recently revealed that that photo session was set up, between her and the photographer, it was only when the press office at #HAMMERFILMS saw them, they thought they were terrific and just what was needed to spice up the interest in their latest #CHRISTOPHERLEE ' #DRACULA release . . . so now you know!

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#FRANKENSTEINFRIDAY: HERE IS A TREAT for today. A FREE large un-water-marked original contact sheet from our PCAS files of Peter Cushing working with Simon Ward on set during the making of Hammer Films, 'Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed'... it's a thank you, as we will shortly be hitting our 31K milestone of followers at our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE Snip it, edit it, frame it...share it!

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Thursday, 22 June 2017


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: DURING THE 1960-70's Peter Cushing made quite a few short, blink and you'll miss em appearances in several films, Scream and Scream Again, Dr Phibes Rises Again are but two. One here's another you may want to add to your list... Trial by Combat ' / 'A Dirty Knight's Work' / 'A Choice of Arms' made in 1976 is odd, even by tome of the choices made by Cushing's agency at this time.. 'Hitler's Son', 'A Touch of the Sun' would take more than the space we have here to explain the dotty 'plot', it stars John Mills and Donald Pleasence, who must have regretted signing on that dotted line, when it was too late. Peter just had two days, did his bit and left for 'The Devils Men' and . . . 'Battle Flag'....! Thankfully, a little role in 'something' called Star Wars turned up and save the year! Would be great to hear from anyone who has sat through this....!

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: BROADCAST ON FEBRUARY 21st 1968 Return of the Cybernauts, brought back a Avengers favorite, along with Peter Cushing for his first appearance.

Cushing and Robert Day director of 'SHE' and 'Return of the Cybernauts' sharing a giggle . . .


THE SUBJECT of our first post today the film, 'Trial by Combat' (1976) give nods to this series, and in doing so, proved just how talented the production team of the series really were. Robert Day who directed this episode, also directed #PeterCushing in the Hammer films, 'SHE' too.....


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Wednesday, 21 June 2017


#SILENTBUTDEADLY: Requested by Shawn Kelly. HERE IS THAT horrible moment . . this sequence crackles . .  from #HORROROFDRACULA when Jonathan Harker realizes his fate is sealed, that the creature he was going to destroy, now is about to destroy HIM! John Van Eyssen plays Harker here, to the top, even so recently I had read quite few comments at our Facebook Fan Page that Eyssen's acting style does meet everyone's approval. Eyssen himself, didn't rate himself to be much of an actor! I think he did a great job and of his particular style, I would say for me personally, it was his voice that made him stand out, in a very good way, from most actors of the time. With a total of almost fifty film appearances, it's a body of work that shows variety and a capable actor. How do you rate JOHN VAN EYSSEN?


#SILENTBUTDEADLY: AND THERE HE WAS..... GONE! Slippery characters vampires, and they don't come more slippery than Baron Meinster. This is a great example of director Terence Fisher's ability to the squeeze the maximum from a shot, and this Fisher Cushing outing, #THEBRIDESOFDRACULA (1960)  is full of examples like this. Note just before the cut, the arrival of the Baron's mother Baroness Meinster, deliciously played by second on the bill, Martita Hunt.We slide from tension to empathy, with the Baroness sharing her shame to Van Helsing, in that she too has succumbed to the wicked plague, propagated by her son, and only Van Helsing, can set her free. Requested by  Colum Macanally

#SILENTBUTDEADLY: HERE'S PETER CUSHING about to tackle another case as Sherlock Holmes, but can you name the character sitting in the chair and his connection, to one 'ARTHUR MULLARD'???

DANIEL MCGACHEY came up with the answer on our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE : 'Beck and Mullard starred together in the UK sitcom 'Romany Jones'. (Mullard's character from that series, Wally Briggs, got his own spin-off with his onscreen wife, Lil, played by Queenie Watts, called, 'Yus, My Dear', and then Wally and Lil cropped up in the film 'Holiday On The Buses', which also starred Michael Robbins, who also guest starred in this version of 'The Blue Carbuncle'.

WE SAID: Well done, Daniel McGachey :) I have been trying to work out a way to get Arthur's name on this page for the last few weeks... I remember Romany Jones very well...and Arthur's catchphrase, 'YUS, My Dear...!' bless him. Thanks, Danie

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017


#TOOCOOLTUESDAY: I HAVE NEVER seen photographs of Peter Cushing judging a beauty competition, but he must have judged a few #FANCYDRESS comps in his time. This is a one that took place during the opening of #THREBRIDESOFDRACULA back in 1960. It's strange how the act of offering someone a cigarette just looks so alien these days....!

#TOOCOOLTUESDAY?: So, the guys behind the successful BBC Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock series, are planning a whole series of gothic horrors, including DRACULA... It will be made by the BBC and syndicated to the US and others for sure. If you liked their spin on Sherlock...will you watch this? Good idea?

THE SHERLOCK TEAM are reuniting on a new version of the classic horror story Dracula, RadioTimes can confirm. Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are due to begin work on a series of BBC specials based on the classic 1897 novel by Bram Stoker in which the bloodthirsty count moves from Transylvania to England. The Corporation is finalising talks with the pair and is poised to green-light the project which is likely to air in 2019. The new Dracula series has not yet been written and Gatiss and Moffat will begin working on the scripts once they have both completed their own solo projects – details of which have not been confirmed.“It’s early days and the BBC has not seen a script yet but they are close to signing a deal for a series of 90-minute films of Dracula,” said a senior production source.“It’s not yet been decided if it will be historical or modern day or if there will be a US co-producer but the BBC are keen on this and it will happen.

WHAT NEEDS TO BE decided is how many episodes – whether there are three or five or six or whatever but they will definitely be 90-minute films. "Production is at least a year away so it will probably be on screen in 2019 at the earliest.” Gatiss has often spoken of his fondness for the Dracula story – particularly the 1958 film starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing – and even played the title role himself in a recent audio drama, but it currently seems unlikely that he will take on the part of the Count in the new version, according to sources. “Casting is a long way off but the feeling is he probably won’t – but you never know,” said a BBC source.


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Monday, 19 June 2017


#MONSTERMONDAY: TODAY we remember actor DAVID PEEL who was born today 19th June 1920. There are few who have made such an impact as Peel. He only appeared in ONE film for Hammer films and I believe only appeared in one film with Peter Cushing. I have a memory of him turning up in a theatre production with Peter in the 1950's..but I'll look that up, in mo...

ONLY ONE ROLE, one film and yet, enter VAMPIRE HAMMER into google images, and he will appear in most of the pages. Despite the success long after The Brides of Dracula was made...audiences felt a little cheated that it was a DRACULA film, without Dracula!....I suspect that Peel wasn't impressed with either the film or the subject matter. 

AN UNHAPPY MAN, with troubles and issues. You probably know, he left the industry early on and went into antiques and real estate, but life for Peel was certainly difficult. We remember him today though, for that one Hammer film and the impressive performance as Baron Meinster, the boy vampire who certainly pushed the boundaries of vampire film!


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